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Get media files

Getting a list of media files

Method get.media_files
Description Getting media files
Who has access Agent, Customer

Parameters of a request

Title Type Required Description
access_token string yes Authentication session key
user_id number no Unique ID of an agent's customer user who makes request
Is required for agent
To access a list of customer users, use the method "get.customer_users"
limit number no Returning entries count. Refer to "Paging"
offset number no Offset that defines from which number to return the entries "limit". Default value is "0". Refer to "Paging"
filter object no Refer to "Filters"
fields array no Refer to "Viewing returning data"
sort array no Refer to "Data sorting"

Parameters of a reply

Title Type Valid values Filters Sorting Description
id number Yes Yes Media file ID
name string Yes Yes Media name. Is unique for each customer.
duration number Yes Yes Media file duration in seconds
play_link string Link to play a media file
normalization boolean Yes Yes Media file normalization
size number Yes Yes Media file size ib bytes
type enum
  • system
  • user
Yes Yes
  • system - system media files (cannot be edited);
  • user - user media files;

JSON request structure



JSON reply structure

  "id": "number",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "data": [
        "id": "number",
        "name": "string",
        "duration": "number",
        "play_link": "string",
        "normalization": "boolean",
        "size": "number",
        "type" : "enum"

    "metadata": {

List of returning errors

Refer to the section "List of errors for the methods with the verb get"