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Added to "Upload communications"

  • Upload/delete offline messages upload.offline_messages
  • Upload/delete chats upload.chats

[2.0.9] - 2019-10-03


  • Getting account get.account

[2.0.8] - 2019-01-10


  • Creating a site create.sites
  • Deleting a site delete.sites
  • Updating a site update.sites

[2.0.7] - 2018-11-29


  • Get campaign daily statistics. Method get.campaign_daily_stat
  • Get a list of available virtual numbers get.available_virtual_numbers"
  • Enable virtual number enable.virtual_numbers
  • Disable virtual number disable.virtual_numbers
  • Added the parameter include_ongoing_calls "Include ongoing calls" for the method get.calls_report

[2.0.6] - 2018-08-10


  • Added to methods create.employees, get.employees, update.employees are parameters to manage employees statuses and calling permissions: status, allowed_in_call_types, allowed_out_call_types;
  • Parameter calls_available will be deleted from the methods create.employees, get.employees, update.employees in 2 months. It is not recommended to use this parameter.

[2.0.5] - 2018-07-12


  • Added the parameter: time to process lost calls "lost_call_processing_duration" to the method get.calls_report;
  • Added a new method to get a list of scenarios get.scenarios;
  • Added a new method to get media files - system, user get.media_files.

[2.0.4] - 2018-02-15


  • Added an option to get a list of sites. Method get.sites;
  • Added an option to get a list of site numbers blocks. Method get.site_blocks;
  • The maximum length of extension numbers is now 5 symbols for the method Creating an employee and a group of employees;
  • Added an option to manage SIP-lines. Methods get.sip_lines, create.sip_lines, update.sip_lines, delete.sip_lines, update.sip_line_password.

[2.0.3] - 2018-02-07


  • Added an option to get a list of active virtual numbers. Method get.virtual_numbers;
  • Added information about integrated goals to the method get.goals_report. Parameters type, source, ext_id;
  • Added a region of a subscriber's number to the method get.calls_report. Parameter cpn_region_id, cpn_region_name;
  • Added information about a group within which a call was made to the method get.call_legs_report. Parameters group_id, group_name, action_id, action_name.

[2.0.2] - 2018-01-29


  • Methods to manage advertising campaigns - creating, deleting, getting, updating;
  • Added information about integrated campaigns to the method "Managing reports -> get.visitor_sessions_report". Parameter integrated_campaign_data;
  • Expanded valid value of the parameter finish_reason in the method get.calls_report.